Medicating Normal is the untold story of what can happen when profit-driven medicine intersects with human beings in distress.

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We made this film to help audiences understand what is happening in mental health treatment and why.

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“[the pharmaceutical industry] wants to disease-ify every single experience because they want to sell their pills to treat it”

– Anna Lembke, MD
Associate Professor, Stanford University Medical Center
From the film Medicating Normal

Praise for Medicating Normal

Medicating Normal vividly calls attention to how, many times, these medications are overprescribed, taken in greater dosages, or for much longer than they should be, resulting in more harm than good. There has barely been a day since I have seen this powerful film a month ago that it has not come up as a warning light in conversations with colleagues, friends, and relatives. Thank you for bringing this important topic so powerfully to our attention

William Weisberg

Executive Director, Forestdale, a non-profit agency that provides foster care, preventive and other family services in New York City

Medicating Normal dares to challenge prevailing myths about how psychotropic medications work, or fail to, in our ongoing struggle to treat mental illness. It promises to spark a long-overdue national conversation on the growing problem of overprescribing.

Anna Lembke, MD

Medicating Normal may be the film that turns on the light in the dark for you and your loved ones. We all want to believe there is a magic pill, but it may be time to recognize that we were never, in fact, sick to begin with – at least not in the ways we were told. Through suppressed science, clinical expertise, and whistleblowers who share cautionary tales of suffering that can be experienced at the hands of well-intentioned psychiatrists, this film delivers the sobering truth of modern day treatment so that you can make informed decisions, know your options, and navigate your health journey with agency

Kelly Brogan, MD