Alan Barker

Sound Recordist

Alan Barker began working in film as a news cameraman at age 17. He studied psychology at Los Angeles City College and UCLA then graduated with a degree in motion picture production in 1969. He co-founded Ramsgate Films where he produced and directed educational films. He studied acting and directing in the Stanislavsky technique at The Actors & Directors Lab in Los Angeles. He founded and directed the improvisational theater group Raw Material in the early 80s. For most of the 80s he worked freelance as a documentary camera and sound person for British, Dutch, Japanese and other foreign broadcasters. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia and South America. Beginning in the late 80s, he partnered with Joan Churchill specializing in cinéma vérité production. He worked extensively in commercials during that period. He continues to work in documentary films, now having worked on over 350 documentary-style productions. Alan was an adjunct professor at ArtCenter College and now lectures on documentary-related topics. He and Joan Churchill lead workshops on Vérité theory and technique. Alan and Joan have been married since 2004.